Information about our Guesthouse

    The panoramic view of our Guesthouse is exquisite and unique since it’s location is on ahill dominating in the area and ovelooking the Aegean sea, Chalkidiki with Agion Oros and the complex of islands of Magnesia Sporades. On our big balconies one can enjoy his breakfast, read and with good visibility to see Agion Oros and Spodares islands (Skiathos – Skopelos – Alonissos).

    Our guesthouse is very close to all the beaches, (3 minutes by car – 1,5 km) making it a very good choice for calmness quiteness and relaxation. It is located in the North-Eastern part of the Mountain of Pelion and on the North-Eastern part of the mass of the Pelion mountain and in one of the 7 best beaches in the world, combines as a choice the mountain with the Aegean sea.

    A network of footpaths goes by our guesthouse that leads to the sea and to the beautiful green mountain.

    It is very close to many traditional villages, to the ski center for winter sports on the mountain and to the Aegean sea with the paradise-like beaches for summer sports and many other activities.

    Our customer are always satisfied, as they will see, learn, taste, enjoy and relax. One may fill his soul and body fuel and will depart totally changed. Pelion is unique ! Four seasons, one destination !

Who we are

    Our first encounter with tourism was back in 1950. I come from a family of mariners dating several generations back. My grandfather had his own fishing boat (caique) and was transporting merchandise in most areas of Greece. My father, when he created his family in Pelion, was forced to embark as a captain in ships that sailed in distant destinations abroad and together with my mother, they started renting the extra rooms of the home they built by themselves to Greeks and foreign travelers. In the beginning little by little and later on by building more modern rooms, the family business continues to exist since three generations now. My mother, my father when he was not abroad on a ship, and my brother since schoolchildren we did a lot of hard work. With love and a smile for what we did, our target was and continues to be the comfort and satisfaction of our visitors; that they enjoy their vacation to the fullest and leave as friends. Our visitors’ impressions have been communicated to their friends by word of mouth, some of who have been revisiting us at our guesthouse for 25 consecutive years now. At that time there was no internet and the best advertisement was word of mouth . . .

    The years have passed and since I have had my own family I decided to start my own business, building on my parents’ olive grove. In 1990 we began construction of our new family business and in the summer of 1991 FELITSIA Apartments & Studios came a dream come true. Our guesthouse staff is our two children, my husband (also a captain of a ship) and my mother. The experience that we have gained all these years in the field of tourism, as well as the closeness to our visitors and clients, are our recipe for success. Our friends keep sending their own friends, with the best recommendations, which nowadays besides the word of mouth, are communicated via email and the social networks. We gradually got familiar with the use of the internet and new technologies and our children have constantly been by our side helping us learn to communicate with the press of a button with the whole world. We have created our webpage (which is constantly updated and upgraded), joined and we continue to work with a smile on our face.

    Our main purpose is that all clients and visitors leave our guesthouse with the best impressions, satisfied with their vacation. Our friends are informed from our daily updated webpage in Facebook because we want to keep in touch regularly with our friends and overall network. We wish God keeps us healthy and in good spirits, not asking for much more, so that we can continue rowing that boat of our family tourist business as far as we can go with it. The authentic smile and the quick problem solving of any issues facing our clients makes them become friends by the time they leave our guesthouse. There are of course many difficulties, the expenses are great (since we want the best for our clients), personal work and the work hours limitless but the result justifies our cause since our reward is seeing happy and content clients.

    My mother has always been besides me and helps me out with her invaluable experience.

    Our garden and the flowers are my mother’s personal engagement as well as mine. I cannot imagine our yard and garden without flowers. All the flowers and our garden as well as guesthouse photos are posted on our Facebook page so that travelers, visitors and friends can be in touch all year round and daydream about coming back to our guesthouse for unforgettable holidays.

    My husband is involved with anything that needs fixing around the guesthouse, and makes sure that everything is in perfect state because we pay great attention to detail keeping our clients satisfied.

    Our children are of great assistance in our work.

Why customers prefer us ?

    With over 50 years experience in serving tourism, we know the needs and requests of our visitors and we always try our best to serve the customers with true smile and to serve them well so that they remember their vacation in Pelion for a very long time. Our goal for our customer satisfaction is to feel the guesthouse like home and us as friends and to leave our guesthouse with the best impressions.

    Our big yards (where children can play with safety), with the fruitfull trees and our flowers that scent both during the day and night give our customers the feeling that they stay in their own cottage.

    A big family swing, a hammock and the shade of our pergolas, provide the possibility for moments of relaxation for adults and children. The cleanliness is daily and homely and every need of our visitors is always served with smile and immediacy.

    Provided free of charge: Wireless Internet – WiFi & private parking just outside the guesthouse.

    Our apartments are cosy ,fully furnished, with digital flatscreen LCD TV and with fully equipped kitchen for meal preparation, suitablle for couples, families and companies upto 18 persons.

    We are at our customers disposal 24 hours a day !