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The described hiking routes hereunder are of the most characteristic for the East Pelion Mount, Mouresi Municipality area.

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Chania – Kissos





Kissos – Aghios Ioannis





Kissos – Mouresi





Mouresi – Aghios Ioannis





Aghios Ioannis – Fakistra





Tsagarada – Damouhari





Milies – Tsagarada





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The little train of Pelion

A little train’s fascinating story and the mythical tales of Mt. Pelion, all combined in a single magical journey!

τρενάκι του Πηλίου - little train of Pelion

The little train of Pelion is leaving the station.

10 o’clock at the Ano Lehonia Railway Station. The little train’s whistle signals the beginning of an unforgettable trip. The ascent on the beautiful slopes of Mt. Pelion has begun, History is about to unfold…

This 60cm gauge line, one of the narrowest in the world, is home to the loco and the 4 cars of “Moutzouris”, a common Greek nickname reserved for someone who turns things black, an obvious choice in the days of steam.

The terrain between Ano Lehonia and Milies is mountainous, filled with lush vegetation, mainly consisting of plane trees, olives and pine trees.The altitude gained allows for a spectacular view over Pagasitikos bay. Add to this the fact that the little train’s maximum speed is but a mere 20km/h and one can see why spectacular vistas over gorges, magnificent old bridges and tunnels are the order of the day, thus putting together all the jigsaw bits of this scenic route.

τραινάκι του Πηλίου - little train of Pelion

The train’s only intermediate stop is at the Ano Gatzea station from which it toils on to Milies and towards the completion of this 15km run in a total of about 90 minutes. Up until Milies, the route is filled with natural beauty and features numerous architectural landmarks, especially constructions from carved stone and grey limestone that form arched bridges, tunnel entries and retaining walls, an exquisite sample of which is the five-arched stone bridge of Kalorema, in the area of Malaki.

On the final approach towards Milies, the scenery becomes more extreme, with the crossing of the steel bridge of Taxiarhis, also known as “De Chirico’s Bridge” being the highlight of this last section. Here, some pretty unique engineering is at work. This is a rare occasion where a train crosses a bridge that is straight, but the tracks that lie on it are actually curved!

Σταθμός του τρένου στις Μηλιές στο Πήλιο - Train Station in Milies Pelion Greece

At the end of the route lies Milies station. Traditional guesthouses and taverns await the visitors, while a cobbled stone footpath takes you up the village’s main square (about 15m). Here one can marvel at the chuch of Taxiarhes, which had been constructed before 1741 and the library which is one of the oldest in Greece or visit the museum of folk art. The next opportunity to admire the most scenic railway line in Greece is at 15:00 when the little train will start its descent towards Ano Lehonia.


Ano Lehonia – Milies

The train normally operates from spring till autumn. During this period one cyclical trip is made in the mountainous part of the line, which is the only segment currently in operation. The running time is 1h 30m (including a 15m stop at the scenic station of Ano Gatzea, where coffee, local “tsipouro” and refreshments are available).

Access to Ano Lehonia Railway Station

The station is situated 12km away from the city of Volos and is served by the Volos – Lehonia -Platanidia bus line, which runs on the road that heads for Kala Nera. One can also easily access the station by car as there is sufficient parking space right in front of the station building. Signposts of brown colour, clearly showing the direction in which the station lies can also be found on the main road.

Access to Milies Railway Station

The station can only be accessed by car and has limited parking space available. Signposts of brown colour, clearly showing the direction in which the station lies can be found on the main road towards Milies.

This little train has quite a story…

This historical train that used to operate the whole route between Volos and Milies is literally running on the tracks of history. Construction began in 1892 and in 1896 the first part of the line, namely until Ano Lehonia had been delivered. The rest, all the way up to Milies would have to wait for 1903.

Το ιστορικό τρενάκι του Πηλίου ο Μουτζούρης - Historic little train of Pelion - Moutzouris

The chief engineer of the project was Evaristo De Chirico, father to the well know painter and sculptor Giorgio De Chirico, who was born in Volos.

Little De Chirico was present during the construction works, observing this strange, new, means of transportation that was later to inspire him and take its place in many of his creations, usually in the form of a miniature train silhouette, half-hidden behind walls or arches, as seen through a child’s “spying” gaze into the adult world…

The little train of Pelion has been part of the culture and evolution and has played a very big role in the history and the environment of the place. For 76 years (1895-1971) the little train was literally climbing Pelion Mount carrying people and merchandise, and has contributed a lot in the rapid development of the town and the area.

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The mythical route

The little train of Pelion crosses the mythical routes of the Centaurs and the Dodecatheon as, according to the Ancient Greek Mythology, Pelion was the summer habitat of the twelve gods of Olympus.

Somewhere in the dense forest covering the slopes of Mt. Pelion, and in particular, where the R.R. Station of Milies is today, researchers place the site of the wedding between Pileas and Thetis (the parents of Ahcilles). Legend has is that the mythical battle involving the Centaurs and the Lapiths for the sake of beautiful Ippodameia also took place at this very site.

Deep in the gorge of Taxiarhis, on the last turn towards Milies, lies the cave of wise Centaur Heiron, a central figure in many ancient Greek myths, usually making his appearance as the tutor of Achilles. Heiron, who was a healer, had bestowed upon Achilles’s parents the spear which he later used in the Trojan War.

The cave of Heiron is exactly at the foot of the rock on which the chapel of Taxiarhis can be found today. It is said that inside that cave is the beginning of a path that connects this cave to a similar one in the area of Malaki or even further, to the hill of Goritsa, on the east side of the city of Volos.

The departure time from Ano Lehonia is 10:00 (outbound). From Milies the train departs at 15:00 (inbound). On both legs, a 15m stop is made at Ano Gatzea.

Return tickets cost 18 euro for adults and 10 euro for children, while one-way tickets cost 10 and 6 euro respectively. The train is up for rental all year round, at special prices.

For on train rental, tickets and travel schedule, please contact the TRAINOSE Travel Office at Volos, by phone/fax at 24210 39723, e-mail at, as well as by calling 14511, which operates on a 24-hour basis.

You may also download on your mobile phone the app Hellenic Train though Google Play and book your tickets.


Life in white background. Winter equals snow and snow equals ski, snowboard, cross country, parapente, mountain walking and climbing. Snow for some might mean of course showing off at the Challet quiet nights next to the fireplace or crazy parties at the bars of the Ski Center. Snow is the only reason for a greek to get out of his shelter the cold days of the year and of course it is the main tourist attraction for the mountains of the country. It is often said that if it doesn´t snow in Pelion it will not snow in the whole country.! That saying is quite real.

It is very rare for Pelion during Christmas – time not to have snow, especially at the northeastern and north part of the mountain Pelion, where in altitude of 1200 m the village of Chania is situated a very small village at the topmost of the mountain. Close to this area the snow remains intact for months, that is why 2 km further, at the top named Agriolefkes at an altitude of almost 1500 m, operates now for many decades the ski center of Pelion with three tracks for experienced skiers and sufficient space for beginners an endurance track of 5000 m length, 2 air lifts and 2 dragable lifts, snowshed lodge, very big parking space and is generally facilitated with all the modern commodities for enjoyable skiing. It is worthwhile noting that continuously the ski center is getting better and enhanced in terms of facilities and the settlement.

Pelion Ski Center ! It is situated in between two seas, the Pagasitic Gulf and the Aegean Sea and it has very good view to both of them. At the top named Agriolefkes, at 1.500 m, the ski center of Pelion although it is quite small it is a very desirable destination even for them that do not enjoy ski. There are many offers and every Saturday night there is a lift operating for night skiing . The designations and signs at the tracks and at the roads is very well organised. Furthermore there is a special bus route for weekends that tranfers the visitors from Volos to the Ski Center. The center operates daily from 09.00 until 16.00, from December until April. On the weekends and days with ideal weather conditions for skiing the Ski Center is open until 17.00.

The skiers and the snowboarders that come to visit the area during winter can find accommodation in Chania Agios Ioannis and Agios Dimitrios at the eastern sides of the mountain. Those villages offer other activities even for those that do not want to ski. What is really attractive about the ski center of Pelion is the very carefully chosen place in which on has been built and created. The visitors do not only enjoy their favorite sport. They also have the chance to enjoy the magicall view to the Aegean Sea and the Pagasitic Gulf , espacially when there is sunshine therefore there is undisgtractable view towards the horizon. In that way your winter-skiing vacation give you the chance to make a more complete image, because Pelion is multiform, generous and precious.

Organised Ski Center

  • Daily updates on the Internet webpages and and the information service through the automated answering machine for the operation of the Ski Center and the weather conditions that exist in the area.

  • The exteremely good effort for the safety of the skiers with signs and protective nets around the mountain, the continuous smoothing of the tracks & the tracks for beginners.

  • The daily operation of the center and the ability to delay its operation until late at evening when the conditions are very good & the immediate cleaning of the roads after bad weather conditions.

  • A very well equipped first aid station that has a standby doctor.

Operates :

  • 6 lifts (3 air-lifts + 3 on track-lifts) that can carry up to 2.500 persons / hour.

  • Tracks of total length 12 km (7 km skiing down the mountain & 5 km endurance track)

  • Parking Spaces : There are 3 Parking Spaces that can occupy 800 cars.

  • Snow shelter that can occupy 80 persons and among its facilities there is : restaurant, refreshment stand, and accomodation.

  • The Ski Center school with certified coaches of ski, that can train a skier of any level as well as renting of ski equipment.

More specifically the ski center of Pelion operates since 1967 and is 3 km away from chania at the top of the mountain named Agrioleykes at about 1.350 m to 1500 m. You can reach Chania from the road of Volos – Zagora by car or by bus from Zagora (3 times a day). Operates daily from December until end of March with the tracks and lift belowmentioned : 3 tracks ( 1 black and 2 green), 1 for beginners and 1 endurance track – 5 km. 3 lifts and 1 baby lift 200 m. In total, 1.400 persons / hour. Other facilities : Ski Center school and ski rentals, food and accommodation: restaurant, coffee and snow shelter with 80 beds, entertainment, bar at Chania, medical office and insurance. Classical vacation center with tracks for every skier and with lots of people from all over Greece.

Has :

  • 5 tracks – Air-lifts and on track lifts
  • Endurance track (Lang Lauf)
  • Cross country Track
  • 1 track for night skiing
  • Chalet – for food and sleep
  • Restaurant – Coffee – Bar
  • Stores Renting Ski Equipment & Ski learning Schools

T r a c k s :

P a n o r a m a

Length: 1.045 m. & Altitude difference: 300 m.

C e n t r a l

L e n g t h: 350 m. & Altitude difference: 217 m.

G a r d e n s

Length: 1.030 m. & Altitude difference: 337 m.

E n d u r a n c e

Length: 5 km.

L i f t s :

2 air-lifts

Length: 450 m. and 550 m.

1 track

Lenght: 410 m

1 microlift

Length: 220 m.

U s e f u l l T e l e p h o n e s :


Tel. 0030-24280-73719 and 0030-24280-73702


Tel. 0030-24260-49222


Tel. 0030-24260-22222

The highest in altitude village of Pelion (1190 m.). On the way to Chania the view changes according to the turns of the the road. From the one side one can see the snowy tops while from the other side one can see the Pagasitic Gulf. It is built at 1.200 m, close to the Ski Center Agrioleykes and it is the most central point of the mountain due to the big congestion of traffic at this part, especially during the winter months. Chania is a stop to rest and to eat for the travellers and the village has been created to assist tourists all year round as well as the needs of the skiers. Apartments Felitsia in Agios Ioannis is situated just 20 minutes away from the Ski Center.

The closest to the ski center village – Chania might not be as graphical as the other villages, but it is quite lively place with its central road full of restaurants that offer the traditional greek bean soup. Many tavernas and restaurants, shops with touristic stuff and local goods. Very good Tavern with bean soups – spetzofai and local red wine, since many years now, is Loukoulos. From Chania there is a road that leads to the highest peak of Pelion – Pliasidi.

Chania has an incomparable advantage. The view to the villages of Pelion and the sea. Going down the track Panorama the biggest track skiing or on the lift, and feel as if you are ready to dive! Whoever can not handle skiing just make a stop at Chania. The forest full of trees of beech that surrounds them, offers extraordinary view, as well as the fact that the village is in on one of the highest peaks of the mountain of the centaurs, makes the passing from Pagasitic Gulf towards Volos and Pelion of Aegean Sea remarkable.

Inside the heart of a forest with beeches and chestnut trees, this little vilage of around 30 inhabitants is very good to visit in yout winter vacation, since 2 km from here, in the place Agrioleykes, there is one of the oldest Ski centers of Greece with the known Ski School of Pelion. In the area wear well the old inns. Try bean soup, spantzofai, and local black wine. From Chania there is a road that leads to the highest peak of Pelion – Pliasidi.

The highest village in altitude of Pelion (1190 m.) 26 km. away from Volos . Surrounded by a forest full of firs, popples, beeches and sycamore trees.

Map of Pelion Ski Center & Tracks

Ski Center Map of Pelion & Tracks